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New annoucnment about medications and prostate cancer
Sheldon Marks, MD posted:
A new announcement came out from the FDA warning that a class of medications called 5 alpha reductase inhibitors (Proscar, Avodart) may actually increase risks for high grade prostate cancer. For a number of years men who were at risk were being placed on these medications as studies have shown that it reduces risks for developing prostate cancer. I just attended the international meeting of urologists in Washington DC and listened to the debate on if this risk was true or not. My recollection was that it was generally agreed that because this medication did in fact shrink the prostate, it made it easier to find smaller, more aggressive cancers that might otherwise be missed. So does it cause more aggressive cancers? The consensus I heard was no. This was not a cause and effect. So if you are on these medications, before you panic go talk to your urologist.

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