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Men buy flashy cars because _______________
Amelia_WebMD_Staff posted:
According to this CSB News article , "the behavior of the guys with flashy cars mimics that of a peacock that flashes its feathers to attract mates."

So, do men buy flashy cars to impress a future mate? or is this an obvious strategy intended for short-term sexual relationships?

What are your thoughts?

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Men buy flashy cars because _______________.
  • they like them!
  • they want to impress a future mate.
  • they are looking for short-term sexual relationships.
  • they want to impress the public, in general.
  • they want to show off financial status.
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Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Oh this is funny! My dad has a bright red convertible Mercedes with a personalized license plate - showing off is what he is known for! I'm not a fan of that.

When my husband picked me up for my first date, he was driving a 1989 GEO metro. Both side mirrors were gone and I held a boom box on my lap for music. He's my kind of guy! (a starving musician at the time)

An_205662 responded:
None of the above.

In many circles a flashy car has suggested a man's compensation for self-perceived issues of either diminished gential size or reduced sexual prowess. Hence the term, "penis car".
mrtim2500 responded:
I'm a guy, personally I think we just like them. It doesn't matter if its the latest Corvette, Mercedes convertible, jacked up pick uup pickup..or whatever. I think we just want to show off a bit. For example; 2 weeks ago I walked into a great deal on a brand new 2011 Toyot Tundra double cab, 4x4 full size pickup. Now, I had a 2009 Ford Ranger that had 23,00 miles on it..nothing wrong with it at all, but this brand nw Toyota was something that while any other time wouldn't have made much difference weather or not I got a new truck or not. Needless to say it was a deal that both my wife and I talked over and decided that this would be an ideal vehicle for family outings as my Ranger would carry 3 at best. So we went ahead and bought the truck, it is probably the nicest vehicle I will ever own, its big, its a nice looking vehicle, and I have gotten compliments from everyone that hs seen it. I also have a personalized license plate. Is it vanity or what, well maybe a little, but you see I am a licensed amateur radio operator (a ham radio operator) my license displys my radio station call sign. It lets other know that I am part of a group that provides emergency communications during a disaster, be it natural or man made, its not called the Amateur Radio Service for nothing, and its not just to provide communications when no other communications are available, but we also provide communications during marathons, special community events. On and on it goes.

For the majority of guys I think we do it cause we can, some may try and use that flashy car as a means to get laid,and in some cases it is a "penis car" but those cases I believe are the exception rather than the rule. We guys, and believe it or not a lot of gals just like a fancy, or a flashy car. Your mileage may vary.
leefers1 responded:
Low self-esteem, in general. Lack of social ease and lack of feelings of social status truly play in to it. The real truth is cars mean too much in our society.
Like professional sport, we are carefully sold the idea that cars are really important. During a terrible time of high gasoline prices a lipless goober asks "does it have a hemi?" and presto! you see those ridiculous cars everywhere. We have much less "choice" in our desires than we are assuming that we do.
Detroit says; "Americans don't want small, efficient cars." In actuality Detroit wants us to want the most profitable cars for them to manufacture- and they spend millions making sure that we do.
As far as penis-size goes, gun lovers come up short more often than Corvette drivers!
MSGPVM responded:
I have an 03 S2000 & an 06 SSR because I enjoy performance automobiles. Happily married 5 years. I ain't going nowhere

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