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Throbbing/Pulsing Pain in Right Testicle
Anon_62289 posted:
This morning I woke up to a throbbing/pulsing pain in my right testicle. I got out of bed, peed, and the pain seemed to stop. I don't know if peeing helped or if it just a coincidence.

Just now, I was sitting around watching TV and it started again. This time, the throbbing wasn't quite as severe and it went away after about a minute.

Can someone please tell me what the potential causes of something like this are and if you recommend seeing a doctor? I won't really have a chance to see a doctor because I'm starting a new job and I won't have any time off yet so I'm hoping that won't be necessary.

When I did some searching online, I read one possible cause is an enlarged vein. I don't notice any enlarged vein or any other irregularities in my testicle so I'm not sure if that's it or not. Does an enlarged vein go away on it's own?

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