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Tiredness and over heating/hot flashes
Dars64 posted:
My fiance is 51 and he has been experiencing frequent hot flashes that he begins to sweat even when he is just watching tv in a air conditioned house. He is also extremely tired even when he gets up in the morning. I have noticed he is not sleeping well at night and is having a lot of muscle aches during the night. I am concerned and have asked him to get a check up but he is on the stubborn side when it come to seeing a doctor. He is not over weight and in good shape physically. He does smoke but does not drink alcohol or do any form of drugs but he does drink a lot of diet coke, milk and very little water. When he gets the hot flashes he feels dizzy and has to lay down in order to get through it.
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
I am worried too. What you describe is not normal and could very well be a warning sign of something serious and or correctable. Sitting at home ignoring it is the one guaranteed way of making sure he has the absolute worst possible outcomes. He needs to go see a doctor and not be afraid of what he doesn't know.

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