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Jock itch PLEASE HELP!!!
MarioX posted:
I have had jock itch for about two weeks now and its driving me crazy! My doctor prescribed anti-fungal cream and it didn't help, so my mom picked up destin and it seems to be working, but its been a couple of days and some of the redness has gone down, but it still itches. I shower daily. How long does it take to go away, and is there anything else I can do?
georgiagail responded:
It takes at least several weeks for this to go away (by now it should be much better).

Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
if one anti-fungal does not work try another- talk to a pharmacist at the drug store. they are great resource. use the anti-fungal couple of times a day as directed by the product. most don't use enough. if it persists then you can take an oral medication that will kill the fungus.