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can i have a medical perspective on this issue, not rather based on myths
Anon_88007 posted:
it is concerning my body hair. I am having thoughts that my body hair has been there because i masturbated so much in my teens. I masturbated for almost 3-5 on average for 1 year and during this period my body hair started to grow. I have heard that the body hair is caused by testosterone in the body . Maybe masturbation may have increased its levels? For that reason i feel guilty of masturbating in the past . i am now 19 years.
HairyD responded:
Your body hair is from genes of your parents. NEVER feel quilty about masturbating. Sounds like you know how to enjoy your body and penis. Remeber this is training for sex with a female. Do not use only your hands. Also practice like your plucking your lady. The body hair can be trimned, shaved, or female always told me I was more manly with all my hair. Enjoy the body you have. Keep on Jerking It.
You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
Actually both your high sex drive and your hair growth are what happens when your testosterone levels surge as you go from adolescence into manhood. More ejaculating does not lead to more hair. There are lots of guys that ejaculate a lot and have very little hair. Relax and don't worry.

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