Groin pain after ejaculation
An_240480 posted:
I'm 17 and for a while now I've been having some aching pains in the right side of my groin after ejaculation. These pains feel like muscle pains and they only come after I've stood or walked around for a bit (if I don't get up and walk around I will not get the pains), however, I don't get them usually unless I ejaculate. If I stretch my leg out it normally feels better and I feel like my muscles are stretching out, and if I rub the area I feel just like I would if I was rubbing a sore leg after running. I do not always get this pain after ejaculation, and usually if I haven't ejaculated for a longer period of time I don't get the pain. Also, the pain gets worse the more that I stand or walk.

Does this seem to be just a muscle pain or could it be something else? I've been thinking that it's probably just strain on the muscles, but I wanted to check since I saw some post somewhere about testicular cancer. I've examined my testicles and have felt no lumps of any kind.