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Ways to make it bigger?
workoutjunky22 posted:
It seems now a days you can't go on any major site without seeing an advertisement about getting some pill to make your penis bigger. Are any of these a reality or all just a bunch of bs? Also is it even possible to make it bigger with or without pills or excercises?

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gymrat44 responded:
Hi Workoutjunky22 -- there aren't any pills out there which will make the penis any bigger. Basically we need to learn how to enjoy what we have more. That said, there is an old practice called the jelq; and jelqing as a manual method of stroking the penis in a semi-hard state so that larger and longer version is how one hangs when soft more of the time. There's a thread either here or on the Man-to-Man Topics board of WebMD -- or you could look it up on a search engine. It costs nothing, only take some time and you already have the equipment you need to jelq.

The jelq primarily consists of gently pulling, stretching or milking your penis when it is in a semi-hard state -- you could always make your exercise time a true full body work-out if you were able to do some of these exercises as part of your wind-up cool down time.

And I'd ask you why you want a bigger penis, but that's a stupid question. I know, we all do, don't we!

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