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Perineum and Anal Irritation Mystery
Anon_68055 posted:
I am a 34 yr. male with a prolonged irrtation that is creating redness and extreme itching and some pain when itched or during a bowel movement (with some bright blood on toilet paper when I wipe). This irritation has been going on since June 2010! At first I thought it was a hemmheriod since I rode my bike to work, but Pep-H wipes and suppisitories did not help. There have been no blister or open sores- except from the wearing down of tissue where I have scratched like crazy. I went to my GP thinking it was perhaps some type of STD. I am a gay male with the same partner for 9 years, but did cheat once last fall. The episode never got far since I felt nervous and guilty- the most we go to was masterbation and anal fingering. The STD screening came back neg for HIV, Gonharia, Clymidia and Syphillis- even doing an anal swab of the irritation for Gon&Clymd. I can't understand what the problem is. My GP treated me with sterriod suppositories for hemmheriods, but it is still there! there is some flaky skin in the area now, but I think its because I would use baby powder to dry the area since it worsened with sweat. any ideas? I stopped riding my bike this past summer hoping it would help, but its still there. Could this be a fungus or something my GP may not have thought about yet? My GP also thought, at first, that it was an issue of using too many creams and it wore the skin down, but seems awefully prolonged for that!?
Guthrie53 responded:
I can't speak about the hemorrhoids, but those Zinc oxide powders like gold bond helps keep the are dry after a good thorough cleaning, cools the area down, and helps with the itching. Try it and let us know if it helps.
jeffsamuels9 responded:
It's most likely there is nothing wrong with you and that's it's anal itch. The constant wiping with toilet paper can irritate the sensitive skin and once you have the itch it becomes self perpetuating. A simply and very pleasant solution is the Hand Bidet Sprayer. Washing with water gets you much cleaner and without the irritation. See .

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