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What About Prostate Massage
Anon_60940 posted:
There is a good bit of info on the subject of prostate massage. The claims are that it enhances good prostate health and improves performance. Is that true? And, it is said that wife can perform this or you can purchase a vibrator thing to put in your rear to be near the prostate causing a enormouse ejaculation that leads to better health? Any advise on this? Sounds like it could be risky?
GAP1954 responded:
Done with care and cleanliness, prostate massage can be enjoyable. Anytime you stick something in your rear you do run the risk of tearing delicate tissue so if you do try this - be sure to use lots of lubricant. You can accomplish a massage with vibrators, your fingers or a partners fingers etc. Stimulating the prostate will usually produce seminal fluid and can result in ejaculation. I would suggest that you read up on the practice and be careful to have fingernails trimmed or only use smooth objects designed for insertion. Have fun.
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
My experience as a urologist is that the best way to empty out the prostate gland is with ejaculation. i have seen many problems and even injuries of the delicate rectal lining by traumatic massage by others or tools. No health benefits over normal ejaculation.

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