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An_241185 posted:
for about 2 months now my right testicle has been getting bigger while the left one is getting smaller and the right one is sensitive and the left one has no feeling at all i'm very concerned...what could this be
Guthrie53 responded:
If the testicle is continuing to increase in size, it may be that it just looks like the left one is getting smaller. But it's not normal at all for a testicle to be increasing in size that quick; no growth spurt that would make one testicle rapidly enlarge over a two month period. Trauma or a blow to the groin certainly would. Additionally, you're right to be concerned if there is no feeling in one of them. You should make an appointment to see your doctor soon and let him make that determination. At the very least he will likely order an ultrasound which would give him a better picture of what's going on. Come back and give us an update.
Torcal responded:
You should get yourself checked out by a Urologist any time your testicles,or the cords that suspend them, start to get sore or painful.

Your testicle may be becoming enlarged as the result of a hydrocele. (Google it.) The testicle is inside a sac comprised of a thin membrane. Sometimes fluid fills up this space. Although the testicle remains the same size, the swelling around it continues to grow. These are not harmful, only inconvenient. There are a few methods used to deflate a hydrocele but they are normally used only in extraordinary situations.

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