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Small bumbs under my right nipple, and under both armpits (They hurt)
SeanTylerLee posted:
I discovered 1 day ago that i have a bump thats verry sore, under my skin that hurts located directly under my right nipple.

I also have them under each armpit. there both located in the exact same spot under each armpit.

Does anyone Know what this is?

Im waiting to see if they get worse before i go to a doctor.
Eugenio311 responded:
If they're not abscesses (a skin infection) they could be swollen lymph glands, which can be from an active recent illness or infection, or rarely, a sign of something more serious with your immune system. Young guys (I have no idea your age) can experience gynecomastia which can manifest as a tender lump near a nipple. It's usually nothing serious, but might bear checking out by your doc.

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