Please HELP!!! Fainting - Brain!!!!!
WillieWill82 posted:
I will be 29 years old in December. This is the first time that this had happened.

I was sitting at my kitchen table on the laptop. When I stood up, I noticed that my vision got blurry. I could still see but it was a little blurry. My hearing was also muzzled. I didn't lose my hearing, but it sounded very muzzled. Kind of like placing a glass over your ears and having people talk really loud. I then fell to my knees, and after a couple of seconds I had puked. My sister who was there called 911 immediately. When emergency personal came to the house, I couldnt stop shaking. I was so cold. I didn't have a headache or anything and after a few minutes, my vision and hearing returned to normal. I was shaking really bad due to me being really cold. I continued to shake all the way to the hospital and could communicate with emergency personal 100%. They had ran blood tests as well as an EKG. The EKG was normal, an AIDS test was negative, and the only thing they found in my blood was low Potassium in which they gave me pills. The shaking did stop and I was discharged because I was stable and they couldnt find anything wrong with me. But what would make this happen?
Eugenio311 responded:
Are you on any medicine that would deplete your potassium? Are you on some sort of extreme diet or exercise program? If none of these, I'd just try to drink lots of fluids and a potassium-rich diet for a while.