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pain after ejaculating
crow50 posted:
On occasion I will get this unbelievable pain in my rectum after I ejaculate. It fells like a cramp or muscle spasm. It can last from 5 to 20 minutes. I just turned 60 and have a concern it could be prostate related, although no other problems.
hairyd responded:
I would advise a doctor's vist. Request a finger to the prostate exam. This not normal. You failed to state. If you have a penis up your rectum. This may be the reason for the pain.

See a doctor soon...............................................
You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....
crow50 replied to hairyd's response:
Thank you for your reply and NO I did not have a penis in my rectum.
hairyd replied to crow50's response:
Crow50, was just joking. Keep us posted. Enlarged prostate and issue will cause problem. As each male get older.
You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....
Torcal responded:
Your problem is too unusual to be overlooked. To reduce the pain fill up the bath tub with about four inches of warm water and sit in it until the pain subsides. Sometimes the pain goes away instantly. It is a condition that needs professional attention. Untreated infections in the genital area can turn into serious problems.

It's obviously 2 months since your post. How are you now?

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