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Weird yellow liquid dripping from right nostril.
An_241892 posted:
I am a 32 y/o white male, 6'3" 150-160#s and a few days ago a while I was bending down to pick something up, I felt a shift in my nose. Then what felt like a nosebleed coming on, but when I observed the liquid coming out of my nose, it was like water with a slight bright yellow tinge to it. Also the amount and suddenness of it was a little bit alarming as it was nearly a tablespoon of yellow fluid.

It had no smell I could discern, and has a slight salty taste when it drains into my throat. This only happens when I lean over or lay down to try to sleep. Also I should mention that I do have damaged front teeth and I fear they may be playing a part in this bizarre occurrence.

I am hoping that this is merely Acute Sinusitis, as I have been experiencing pressure in the eyes and forehead late in the evenings. I have been taking nasal decongestants, (Pseudoephedrine), breathing steam, taking garlic, and vitamins... and going on day 4 of this drippy yellow stuff.

Getting worried here, Thanks for any tips or advice.
gymrat44 responded:
One of the great services which doctors perform is helping us to stop worrying about all the possibilities something could be. I usually find it's better to be concerning knowing that something is something rather than worrying that something could be any of a whole bunch of possibilities, some unpleasant.

Guess I'm suggesting that you stop by your MD or an Urgent Care office to be checked and get your questions gone over. Hopefully that would make you feel better -- in addition to whatever they may be able to give you.

When the old bod isn't acting the way we think it should it's usually best to see what we can do to help it heal itself.

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