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    Mental disable and want stop erection
    lookingforanwners posted:
    Is there any pill or something that can cause me to never have erection again I don't want nothing do with sex. I'm mental disable and have mental mind of 12 year old child and I think sex gross I don't want anything like erection happen or anything sexual.
    hairyd responded:
    What is your age. This letter shows your are a intelligent man. You may not wish to have children. But speak with you father or another male about types of sexual activities alone or with a female. If after these discussions and if you do not enjoy sex. This male and you should then speak with a doctor. Explain to him what you would like. He will advise of options. I do not think you would want to take a daily pill for 60 years. Please write back.
    You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....
    lookingforanwners replied to hairyd's response:
    I'm 25 but mental got mind of 12 year old but still live with parents for this reason because can't handle taking care I. No don't want take pill for 60 years that crazy I'll just deal with it happen sometime even those don't have any sex on brain.
    quarinteen1 replied to lookingforanwners's response:
    This place is full of trolls.....
    lookingforanwners replied to quarinteen1's response:
    what trolls mean ?
    Torcal replied to lookingforanwners's response:
    A troll is someone who posts inflamatory, extraneous or off-topic messages in order to mislead and/or get the attention of the discussion group members.
    lookingforanwners replied to Torcal's response:
    I'm not trying to mislead and/or get the attention of the people on here and what said on my question is try I'm like that in real like I really do got the mental mind like but do understand some adult things.

    If i t your feeling i'm doing for mislead and/or get the attention of the this thread or site I'm not so sorry if you feel that way.
    Torcal responded:
    We don't know what your age is but I assume it is older and that you may be experiencing puberty at a young mental age. No there is no pill that can prevent erections. They happen once a guy reaches puberty.

    Puberty is the time when your body develops a desire for sex, hair grows in your pubic area, you wake up in the morning with an erection, you may have "wet dreams" when your penis becomes erect and ejects semen. Semen can also be ejected from a man's body, no matter what age, without an erecton. You can't stop your body from producing sperm, semen and pushing it out of your body if it gets backed up too much.

    You will also get erections when you don't expect it.

    It seems to me that your mind is staying at age 12 and your body is already 13 or 14. Twelve year-old boys think sex is "gross" until they reach puberty and change their minds.

    Because of your mental disability you may already have a psychological adviser. Talk with him and learn to deal with having a man's body.
    Torcal replied to lookingforanwners's response:
    Do not become afraid because of my statement that "Semen can also be ejected from a man's body, no matter what age, without an erectIon." I was referring to wet dreams.

    It's very rare for an individual to experience a semen discharge while dressed and without an erection. That happened to me when I was in my 40s, while just standing at a car wash waiting for my car to come out. I could feel the semen begin to ooze into my Urethra and there were no restrooms at the car wash. Mastering a heroic feat of self-control, I managed to get home without spilling it. That heroic deed is one of the high points of my life.
    lookingforanwners replied to Torcal's response:
    I'm look like 25 year old mental like said my mind that of young child and trying understand what saying. But if read understand just basic what all type there no way to stop it.
    hairyd replied to lookingforanwners's response:
    That is correct there is no way to change your body. You do not have to sex just because you have a erection. You will have less erections with each birthday. You need to talk with a man in your family about your body.
    You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....

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