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Help me please!
An_242107 posted:
I'm 30 years old male. I'm a virgin and uncircumcised. I had recently bought a Fleshlight for masturbation. Everything went well until yesterday night. I started using Fleshlight and then it became a little painful and I couldn't climax even after using it for a long time. So I slept. Today morning I find myself in a very unusual condition. My penis looks circumcised, even when its not excited. The tip is super sensitive. There is no blood, no skin. Is this even possible? Is this something I need to check ASAP? Please do help.
Trotez3686 responded:
Well Sounds like everything is fine but to be sure you wanna go and see a doctor.

If you wanna email me and talk further on this matter , my email is

Have a nice day : )
Guthrie53 responded:
I guess I need a little more information. Are you saying that the fleshlight is used for anal stimulation? If that's the case, you should stick to using something smaller then the fleshlight. I worked for many years in the emergency room and can't count the amount of patients (male and female) who came in because the device was stuck and needed to be removed.
I'm not trying to tell you how to enjoy your body, but there are so many lonely people out here in the world who would be pleased to spend time with you as friends or maybe more, but you will never find them or lose your virginity until you put the fleshlight down for an extra night per week, get out the house, and hang out with people in the real world. That was what I did 10 years ago and it changed everything. Look me up or ask Trotex3686, I bet he can tell you.

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