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Hemroids!!! will they ever go away???
franklinha posted:
this is a long one...
about 3 years ago, i started working an overnight job and i got into terrible eating habits (7-eleven was the only open food option) and i developed a hemroid at the ripe age of 28 LoL!
anyway 3 years later, the hemroid hasn't gone away... even though i have changed my diet (slightly) but honestly have to admit i haven't been consistent in taking care of it. got preperation h like a year and half ago and it didn't do anything. and ... because it's not visible or painful, i would forget about it.
NOW, i notice i've been eating a little more fiber drinking more water and taking stool softeners. this has been consistent for maybe two weeks... the hemroid size still feels the same, but i do notice it FEELS healthier. like it doesn't feel as dry as it did before so that's a good sign right?
so after ALL THAT, my question is this... say i get fiber pills, continue the stool softeners and jamba juices and water. how long would you say that the hemroid should go away... and when should i be worried if it doesn't go away?

and do you think sitz baths or a full on enema would do me any good and make it go away quicker??? ???
franklinha responded:

can SOMEBODY help me please!
it's been a week since i posted this...
i thought this is what this "community" was for???
Eugenio311 replied to franklinha's response:
All the things you're trying or thinking about trying may never make a hemorrhoid "go away."

If it continues to bother you after all this time, I'd consult a doctor. Sometimes a hemorrhoid can be banded to cut off the blood supply and it will fall off by itself in a short time. Sometimes it takes surgery.

Good that you made the diet changes (high fiber, high fluids, etc.).
Torcal responded:
I hate to be the one to break it to you but you need a colonoscopy in order to determine what's going on. A sitz bath is ideal for easing immediate pain but it doesn't make the thing go away. During a colonoscopy (done under a general anesthetic) the doctor can cut off hemorrhoids and also check your intestines for any other problems such as polyps.

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