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Circumcision and Vasectomy
graemeg posted:
I am going have a circumcision and vasectomy at the same time, is it normal for an adult to have general anesthesia or should it be a local anesthesia ?
yankiewankie responded:
I had local anesthesia during my vasectomy. I think that is standard for vasectomies, and probably circumcisions, too. The most you might feel is some tugging. As I remember it, the nurse held the penis to one side while the doc did the rest, all the while talking to me about my work! I think he was trying to make me feel at ease, but it was difficult to focus on conversation under those circumstances.
Eugenio311 responded:
Vasectomy is usually done under local anesthesia. Adult circumcision is usually done under general, unless there is some other medical reason the guy can't have general anesthesia (such as lung or heart disease), in which case spinal anesthesia might be used. Adult circumcision is a lot more complex than infant circumcision. Be sure you get all your questions answered before you have it done.

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