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Cold night sweat
Gunnyl posted:
Why do i get cold night sweat. I"m 40 yrs old, 6 ft 195 lbs, i exercise three times a week.
dlwinterdiego responded:
I think it may be something to worry about. I had exactly the same problem for years. I didn't do anything about it because, frankly, I was afraid to discover the problem. I should say the sweats were consistent night after night.

After many years, during a routine blood test, I had very high AST and ALT levels. This lead to tests for HIV as well as HCV. As it turned out I had Hepatitis C. Nightly sweats can be symptoms of both HIV and HCV. Of course, they could easily be caused by something else. Go to a doctor and tell him/her your concern.
Eugenio311 responded:
Nobody could answer that without some blood tests. It could be something infectious or an endocrine (glandular) problem. It's a symptom of something which you probably need to have checked.

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