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Anon_34309 posted:
At what age does your penis stop growing? Does marijuana effect penis growth as a young teen? and also how small is too small??
Eugenio311 responded:
A guy's penis might continue to grow to his early 20s,, but usually stops around age 18. Yes, some studies have shown marijuana reduces available male hormones which can look like feminization (more breast tissue, less prominent male genitalia, less body hair, etc.)

Erect penis length of at least 3.5 inches can be considered within normal range. Less than that would be reason to consult a doctor to rule out a hormone problem. This is very "general" information. If you're worried, don't be ashamed to see your doc.
hairyd replied to Eugenio311's response:
Eugenio, I believe you will agreed. The penis continues to grow during puberty. If there is a little increase in their 20's it because they were late bloomers. Therefore did not start puberty until late teens.
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