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is there anything I can do about my penis
An_244159 posted:
My penis is 3.5 inches long when erect and .5 inches when its not. what do i need to do to make it bigger. im 17.
Anon_129334 responded:
How much do you weigh? Are you overweight at all?
If so, lose some weight, do some exercises that will reduce the fat around your middle. It is said that for every 20 pounds of fat you lose around the middle, your penis will appear to grow an inch.
It is remotely possible that you could still have a late growth spurt, and some of that "might" translate into penile growth. But nothing promised.
So what you need to do is to start becoming proud of whom you are. Don't worry about penis size. Get married and learn how to use it effectively to please your spouse - regardless of what the porn industry promotes, you don't need 12" or even 6" to please a woman. It's not all about size - it's more about the spiritual connection between you and your spouse that matters.
hairyd responded:
See a doctor. Also be pleased with the 3.5 inches. What is your girth / wideth when hard.
You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....

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