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    27 years old and testosteron level is low for my age. What should i do?
    An_244347 posted:
    I recently had my testosterone levels measured and found out that my levels came back as 374. I know this is what labs and Dr.'s consider normal, but I'm only 27 years old! The normal test level should be more in the range of 600+ for my age. I have mood swings, anxiety, depression, TERRIBLE fatigue and hot flashes. I do not have problems sexually though. I am going to see an Endocrinologist in a couple of weeks to have some more tests done. In the meantime, I wanted to get some more information and see what others think. From what I have read, I'm in the bottom 5-10% of men my age. At one point I did have high thyroid levels that went back to normal within a couple of months and has not spiked again since. Should I consider testosterone treatment?
    Eugenio311 responded:
    OK, your t-level is on the low side for your age. You're doing the right thing to see an endocrinologist. Your symptoms could be t-related, but could be something totally different, including a thyroid problem recurrence, diabetes, or some other metabolic problem or anxiety/depression.

    Not sure what the endocrinologist might come up with as a recommendation. Would be interested to hear what you find out. Good luck! --Eugenio
    An_244347 responded:
    OK, I went back to my primary and had CBC differential platelet, comprehensive metabolic panel, thyroid, testosterone and vitamin D labs done. I have had high thyroid in the past that disappeared and has never been elevated since (over 1yr). And about 6 months ago I found out that I have a vitamin D deficiency. So, these are a few of the things I am aware of and that's why I had those 2 things tested as well.

    My vitamin D is still slightly low, but has doubled since my last check. And was informed to up my vitamin D dosage from 1000iu to 2000iu a day now. Also, my thyroid is still normal.

    Now, my testosterone came back nearly identical to the last time. Total is 375 ng/dl out of 241-827, free is 8.57 pg/ml out of 4-27 and % free is 2.29%. These normal ranges at this lab seem a little off. Most labs are at least 250-1000 total and free is usually 8-30. I have a follow up with my Dr. on 4/13/12. I am afraid that I will be told that everything is ok, when it does not seem ok to me. Aren't these abnormally low results? I'm only 27.

    I also found out that I have very high AST and ALT. My AST is 127 out of 5-34 U/L. And my ALT is 71 out of 10-40 U/L.

    On the 13th I am going to have an ultrasound done on my Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas and other. I will have more labs done on the same day.

    The rest of my test results were fine, but it sure seems like I could be in really rough shape.
    Eugenio311 replied to An_244347's response:
    Yes, the levels are somewhat low for your age, but there are other variables that could account for the low numbers (and for the symptoms you mentioned in your first post). Also you need to know that free testosterone numbers are not that reliable unless they are processed at one of a very small numbers of laboratories, at least in the US. Vitamin D deficiency can cause extreme fatigue, as can some underlying liver disease, which could also account for your elevated liver enzymes. Can I ask if you are overweight? Being significantly overweight might be a factor in all the variables you have mentioned.

    I'm just not so sure that testosterone therapy is going to turn out to be the answer to your problems, and you may have other reasons that account for the constellation of symptoms and lab values you have reported. A doc is probably not going to put you on testosterone therapy unless some other test results or criteria for a diagnosis of hypogonadism turn up

    Hope you get the answers you need very soon. Best wishes, Eugenio
    davedirk33 responded:
    Hello! My Lab results came in today. I am in my 40's & 375 ng/dl out of 241-1197. 375 does seem low. However, I have been a bit depressed & suffer with anxiety. And the last 6 mos, have stopped excercising has much. The is a recent doctor I went too. He told me he would shoot me up with legal steroids.
    sluggo45692 replied to davedirk33's response:
    Don't blame the lab result for depression and anxiety. As a prior lab tech, those ranges are the normal limits for your lab. Steroids should only be used as needed for a good reason. If your depressed and have anxiety, find the real reasons for this. I was around 40 when I got my first testing done. I was like you, in the lower part of normal. I found out my reasons (over worked, married, & no love life) and I fixed them (ex wife-her cheating, decreased hours of work, found women who like sex with me). Once I found my problems, I was able to solve them. Find yours. Low T is a true problem. You have to get off the couch and work out your stressors. Good Luck
    Poul1986 responded:
    The best solution to solve your low t-levels is to see your endocrinologist. He will suggest you the right treatments and therapy to get your hormones back on track. Meanwhile you can also do something about your health like switching to a healthy diet and active lifestyle. You can also try some supplements such as HGH supplements. Apart from enhancing overall health and metabolism, HGH can also boost your t-levels. Source:

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