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Painful ejaculation
An_244927 posted:
Okay, this is kind of embarassing, but here goes.. I'll start out by saying that I very recently had a physical, and nothing was wrong with my urine tests, the prostate exam went well (no signs of anything wrong), and she did find some very minor herniation on the left side when she checked. Basically, the physical went well and aside from some minor high blood pressure (for which I'm taking 25mg of Atenolol daily) and cholesterol issues, there was nothing else wrong. FWIW, these pains started a few months ago, before I begain medication.

The problem is occasionally I'll get sharp pains in my penis when I ejaculate.. there is no pain whatsoever when I urinate, nor is urine flow particularly weak. It's not a burning pain, it feels more like a cramp or a charley horse, as wierd as that sounds. The pain varies in intensity, and I can't determine any factors that contribute to how much it hurts. I've also noticed that the quantity is somewhat reduced. It almost feels like there's a blockage or something, but if there was a blockage where the pain is (near the tip, in the shaft), wouldn't that affect urine flow as well?

I plan to ask my doctor for a referral to a urologist sometime soon, but I was just curious as to what could cause this. What are some possible causes?

ontbear responded:
talk with your primary provider .... she will know if you should see an urologist
dfromspencer responded:
Did you ever hurt yourself there? As a child, perhaps? It may be nothing serious, but you deffinately need to have an Urologist check it out.

Urin comes from the bladder, semen comes from your testicles. So, the answer to that question is probably no.

Ask the Urologist if the herniation could be the cause? I have a hernia, but it does not make my penis cramp, or hurt in any way.

Good luck, and keep us informed, Dennis

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