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Can Vericocele and Hemroids be related?
PhayzR posted:
I'm almost 26, and have had vericocele in my left teste since puberty and a hemroid that flares up on occasion that I've had for about as long as the vericocele. I recently discovered that hemroids are a form of vericose veins, as is vericocele.

Could there be an underlying cause that led to these becoming a problem? Could this cause complications later in my life?

Also, I had a testicular hernia when I was 3. IDK if that hjas any factor in either of these...
CMike70 responded:
I also had a varicocele in my left testical, found at puberty. While I do not know if there's a connection to hemroids, I would seriously consider, if I were you, getting your varicocele repaired immediately. The longer you wait, the more damage can be caused. Most doctors now, according to my doctor, recommend immediate repair. With time, the testical can continue to atrophy and could lead to permanent sterility. Or, in my case, low testosterone.

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