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Doctors dont know
An_246304 posted:
Hi everyone and thanks for your help. Ive been having a problem the past couple months with a pain in my testicles. Naturally I went and got checked for STI's and it all came back negative. Before I had the opportunity to see a urologist I began to urinate a little bit of blood. I went to the emergency room to get myself checked out. I gave them a urine sample, they gave me a prostate (which sucks to have to get at 25) and they gave me an ultra sound of me testicles. All this for them to tell me that they cant see anything wrong with me and that everything seems normal. I curently cant dont have health insurance and cant afford anymore medical care. I tryed to apply for charity care but couldnt qualify. I started a new job in which I will receive insurance but have to wait. This morning I woke up and yes I masturbated but I ejaculated a lot more than I ever have before and it was all a very dark brown (clearly blood) I immediatly went to urinate afterwards and it was also all a dark brown. Does anyone know what is happenning to me or have had this happen to them before?
mo487 responded:
So no one has had this happen to them??
Eugenio311 responded:
Well, I haven't had that happen to me exactly, but apparently your docs have ruled out a urine infection or prostatitis which I would have suspected. Also appears epididymitis was ruled out by the U/S. Have you had any fever? Does it burn to pee? Also thinking, since there's blood in both urine and ejaculate, am wondering if you have some trauma going on in your either sports-related (such as cycling) or rough sex.

If you have bloody urine more than once or twice, you need to be checked out again. It's not normal. Good luck.
mo487 replied to Eugenio311's response:
There hasnt been any fever or burning when I pee. I was wondering if it were trauma also but Im assuming the U/S wouldve spotted it
Eugenio311 replied to mo487's response:
It could be "micro-trauma" (as in microscopic). That would likely not show up in U/S, but might still result in blood showing up in body fluids.

Hope you're doing well. ---Eugenio

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