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    Just for fun: Your first car?
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Mine was a 1980 4 door silver honda civic - maroon interior.

    It was a hand-me-down from my mom - I had to pay for gas and insurance.

    The only problem was that a roll of Jimmy Dean sausage once rolled under the front seat after a grocery shopping trip. It was not discovered for a day in 100+ heat. That car never quite smelled the same despite cutting out the carpet and multiple air freshening attempts!

    How about yours?

    gymrat44 responded:
    I've lost some grocery items in the car sometimes only to find them later -- but nothing like your sausage story, that's wonderful (as a story, not as an experience).

    Mine was a blue 1963 (I think) Mercury Comet -- really loved it but all of a sudden realize I'm not exactly sure of its age which I guess says something about mine!
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to gymrat44's response:
    There's a perfect condition Comet in my neighborhood - the owner is always in his driveway cleaning and waxing and fiddling under the hood. It's a beautiful powder/metallic blue.

    And I can't remember the year of the car I drive that's a clue to my age and my car's age!

    lmailbag responded:
    My first car was a 1954 Chev Belaire. It was in very good shape. I put on a lot of miles with it.There are many tales I can tell while I had that car.But There is one that really stands out in my mind.Coming back from Montreal to Ottawa I was with my Girlfriend and near Alfred Ont I heard a kind of clunk.Took it to a service station and the attendant listened to the car and told me it was the crankshaft and it could blow up.He started to to the car and Near Rockland the same thing happened to his Tow Truck. Stopping in Rockland at another Station the owner there took over and towed me to a station in Ottawa. I ended up getting the car repaired for a little over $200. Eventuly I sold the car and walked for a couple of years.
    dfromspencer responded:
    My first car was a 1967 Pontiac Firebird. It came with a 326, and a two speed power drive tranny. A real pooch when i bought it. After a year of a little here, a little there, it ran like a scalded dog! I really miss that car, never should have sold it!


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