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Jock itch or STD? 17 and freaked out
jm9411 posted:
To start things off, as background, I am 17, and have only had sexual relations with two people. The first ended in December, and the last time i had sex with the second girl was around a month ago. Both girls had been with 1 partner previously, and neither got with anyone else while we were together.

So i have been at the beach for the past two weeks. half way through the first week, i started to get a rash, like i usually get from the chafing with the sand and salt. I stayed in my swimtrunks all day every day, and showered every other day (i was in the ovean and pool all day, so i felt pretty clean). this week, the rash got worse, and began to itch. It started in the crease of my groin.

now, I have semicircles on both sides of my groin, which are consistent red, with the outside edges being spotted red instead of solid. additionally, basically my entire sack is red and itchy too. Also my scrotum is a bit red and itchy right behind my sack.

I purchased lotrimin Ultra for Jock Itch and started using it today, and it seems to have dried out the area, as my skin is now flaky down there. The itching is not better, and if anything is worse.

I am hoping this is just jock itch and the lotrimin should cure it up in the 2 week period. SHOULD I BE AT ALL WORRIED ABOUT AN STD?

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