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Testicles to low for comfort
scorp1971 posted:
I am 24 and I have not seen other guys genitalia. But I have a problem when I sit on the toilet my testicles and sometimes my penis hang down in the water. I have asked my Family Dr. about this and SHE did not really seem to want to deal with the issue. I have finally bought some special jockstraps, that let me sit on the toilet yet, keeping me up out of the water yet letting my penis fully exposed. My real question is do all guys have this problem, or do I need to do something special as a guy when sitting on the throne? Sort of embarrassing but I am tired of having to wash everything off, aspecially if I have to use the bathroom at a restaurant, people have to wonder why it takes me so long to use the facilities. Thanks for any helpfull advice...
dfromspencer responded:
No, i have never even heard of this problem befor now. Even as an older man, (53) when our testical sag more and more, mine still do not hit the water level. They really don't hang that far at all. Younger men tend to have tight sacs. Ask you family Dr. for a referal to an Urologist, they WILL help you.

Best of luck to you, Dennis
scorp1971 replied to dfromspencer's response:
Thanks Dennis, it is a real problem, and I have never looked at other guys scrotums so I did not know if this was natural. Thanks I will take your advice.
hairyd replied to scorp1971's response:
scorp, let the thread know what your doctor advises. I would think it normal. Another reason males should be with other males in showers etc. in school.
_ _
Not to LOOK at scrotums, but to see their penis and scrotums are normal.
You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....

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