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Breathing, weakness, heart, head issues not sure what to do
Scottsx2 posted:
Hello, I have been having issues for the past year to two years. I haven't done as much as I probably should about this issue but I would like to start being more proactive now because it might be getting worse. Let me tell the story first.
Not to long ago probably around 3 school semesters ago during the winter I was on my way to school and all the sudden started in my experience felt like I was having a heart attack. My legs went numb and I felt strange all over. My chest was uncomfortable and it is extremely hard to describe the sitution perfectly. The best way to describe the issues are a massive sense of weakness. This went on for a while I had visitited the cardiologist, had many tests done at the hospital but they couldn't find anything serious. That was back then but I haven't had anything recent sinse.
My current issues:
Head starts to feel strained and almost like a very strange headache nothing I have ever had in my life before.
Chest starts to feel weak and my breathing becomes a little awkward.
My legs feel numb
My heart starts to beat either strangely or extremely fast and I then start feeling very uncomfortable.
Now some things to note: Ever since I started college I started becoming very lazy. In high school I played a lot of sports and kept in pretty decent shape. Now since college I went into computer science and I have been on computers and becoming out of shape for around 3 years now maybe pushing 4. For the past year and a half to 2 years I have noticed strange feelings in my legs. I have been getting stretch like marks behind my kneecaps and sometimes they look very awful and scary. I can feel the weakness back there and I know its definatly not good. I also noticed strange spiderlike looking marks going all the way up my upper thy around the groind pretty much the chubby fat part of the leg. I know this is probably because of me not getting much exercise in a while. I would really like to get back into it but since this problem things have only been going down hill for me.
I would also like to note that sleeping has become very hard. I hardly feel like sleeping. I almost feel like I lost the sense of feeling tired most of the time. Back in high school my body felt great. I loved coming home after a workout or practice. Now I normally feel very weak and all around bad. So this leads me to staying up late on the computer more. Sometimes I even stay up to 6am and beyond because I can't fall asleep. I know this has caused me a lot of issues to with real life obligations. Several times i have pulled a all nighter so to speak or close to it and gone to work or school or something else with less than 4 or 5 hours of sleep. But what really concerns me is the select times I have experienced something that has been extremely bad. On a few occasions I have had severe episodes which are out right debilitating. It starts with the head. I have this strain that goes through my head. It feels like the veins by my temples are pulsating out of my head. I had a headache sensation. My heart and chest feel weak and sometimes my heart randomly beats extemely fast causing me to experience great distress. I feel so uncomfortable I try and walk it off and drink lots of water but it barely helps. I try to take a shower and go to sleep but it becomes very difficult. Eventually I eat something, drink a lot of water and keep trying to relax and wait it out and after a long time luckily I fall asleep.
I have no idea what to do and these episodes come randomly (the really bad ones) but other than the bad episodes I get minor ones in comparison which cause similar symptoms but stick more with the heart racing and extreme sense of weakness.
Scottsx2 responded:
Second part first was too long:

I definatly think me being extremely solitary has cause damage and I am not sure what. I am on the computer hours and hours either for school, work, games, etc.... I am sitting the majory of the day and I understand it's not healthy and would like to fix it in the near future.
Another thing to note: While falling asleep it is very difficult. Every single night or at least 99% of the time I start breathing abnormilly. Almost like my breathing out of my nose and mouth are cut by 40% or so. As if I have some sort of cold, my nostrils clog up and normally 1 gets compleletly clogged while leaving me with one which is working at a much lower capacity forcing me to breath through my mouth and it because very hard and annoying. I also notice it is hard to sleep on my sides and I don't want to say super hard for my left side but it seems like I am falling asleep better on my back or right side.

Just remember I have been to the cardiologist and they couldn't seems to pinpoint anything.
I have been to the hospital around 4-6 times.
I have seen my family phsyician numerouse times about this.
Overall this is causing me so many problems with school, work, etc I need to get this fixed.
Thanks for reading
Scottsx2 replied to Scottsx2's response:
Anyone have any ideas what to do?

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