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Edema in feet and ankles
becker1014 posted:
I am a 26 yr old male in FL. I am experiencing swelling in my feet and ankles. I have lost 29lbs in 2 months and noticed an extreme change in the amount of swelling but the swelling persists mostly in my ankles. My primary job does require me to be on my feet all day long but this seemed to have happened after gaining a lot of weight very quickly. I have been to my doctor and he has done blood tests and found nothing wrong with my liver or kidneys and my blood pressure is high enough to be pre-hypertension but not high enough that he was alarmed. Its seems as if the problem may be circulatory in nature because on the nights that I have the time to do my cardio routine I notice the swelling almost dissappears completely and by morning there is virtually no swelling at all. I have tried a daily regimen of butcher's broom and fenugreek and they do help slightly. There is no chronic pain accompanying the swelling but there is a pressure in my ankles when they are at their worst, and sometimes a slight burning sensation in my lower legs down to my feet. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated

oh and I have cut out all fast food, soda and most sodium.

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