psa level
An_247784 posted:
In december 2011 my psa level was 1.5 but my testorsterone level was low. around 300. So my urologist put me on androgel first for 2 months but it didnt raise my testosterone level. So he recommended testopal 10 pellets implants. I went forward with that and in 2 months it doubled my testosterone level but my PSA went up to 4.1. Now my urologist is suggesting biopsy to rule out any prostate cancer but I am hesitant as i want to wait and see if my psa will come down in a month or so. I heard that testopal effect lasts up to 4 months. Is it possible that when the testopal effect is gone my psa level may come down? What if implanted pellets are taken out now, Would that make a difference? Can testosterone treatment causes psa level to rise? Iam 50 years and healthy otherwise. Please advise. Thanks!
ontbear responded:
Hi.... I had low testrosterone levels and asked to be put on some regiment of hormones. My nurse pratitioner said no --- there is the possiblies of more harm then good. She may be very wise. Hope your elevated PSA comes down and there is no cancer. Ontbear