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Gender Differences
Caprice_WebMD_Staff posted:
Thanks to Rickone for making me think about this topic. This could be fun...

Over the decades, ideas about the differences between men and women have shifted. What do you think? Are men and women really different from each other in how they think and approach life? If so, in what ways and which differences, if any, are the most frustrating for you?
dfromspencer responded:
Men and women are basically the same. Except for the obvious, we are all the same inside. We both bleed red, right? As for the way we think, no, men use the right side of their brain, and women use the left. We (both genders) approach life basically the same. We all want a job, a family, and a home to raise that family in.

The only thing i can think of, as far as being frustrating, is when women are in charge in the military. Women have a softer side when dealing with war, and it could cause problems. I would hope not, but i think it would.

Other than that, Women, and Men, are basically the same. We all want to be happy, healthy, and secure.

Thanks Caprice, this is a good topic for discussion. I hope to see many more responses. Dennis

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