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Waking up with high blood pressure
An_247723 posted:
My father is 63 years old and he has high blood pressure and he suffers from Hypothyroidism. He takes below medicine every morning:
BETO 100ZK - he takes half of 95mg pill

He has been taking EUTHYROX since 1997 after he was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and his TSH stays stable since for years: 1-2 ulU/ml.
Some time later he was given the medicine for the high blood pressure.

Many times when he goes to sleep, around 1 or 2 hours after he wakes up with high blood pressure and higher heart rate.
This might happen 1 time during the night or 2 or 3.
His blood pressure spikes to 160/90.

his doctor tried to change Lisinopril for Amlodipine Bensylate but it made it worse and his pressure was high ever during the day,

He would like to know what is happening.
He feels healthy but those attacks when he wakes up with high blood pressure worries him.

Anyone have any idea why this happens?
Many said that this is stress related, but he claims he is not stressed at all. He even noticed same symptoms while he was laying on bed just before going to sleep or sitting at the computer.
thistledown1973 responded:
He may need to undergo a sleep study for sleep apnea; there's one type where the throat closes off (obstructive) and another where the brain forgets to breathe on a regular pattern. High blood pressure and a racing heart could definitely be symptoms of sleep apnea. Even if he doesn't have either type of apnea, a sleep study could monitor the events so a doctor can get a better picture of what is happening from the brain and heart monitors.

I hope he finds some answers soon.

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