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Being a Man
An_248039 posted:
Being a man in this day and age is not an easy task, I write this from a females point of view (my point of view). Men I feel sorry for you in so many ways. I use the example of when does a man open the door for woman some woman enjoy that as i do and others are insulted. We as woman have dominated most men tot he point where they don't know which ends is up...look at the sitcoms (Everyone Loves Raymond and King of Queens) not matter what those men did it was never right and the woman made sure they told them, but when(female) they were at fault they always had an excuse. To me a man is one who loves his family treats them with repects and stands up to his opinion even if it isn't the same as his spouse that is where compromise comes into play. A man is when no matter what he makes me feel safe. I have learned through the years that men are not complicated tell them the facts plain and simple. They think pratical women think with more emotions. Not saying men don't have emotions, just tell them what you's just that easy. Woman treat your man with respect and men do the same life is so much better for everyone. Men you have my prayers...
dfromspencer responded:
Wow, thank you sooooo much! I hope your post is read by every female on this planet. If they all do as you say, life would be less complicated. I love women, i adore them. There is nothing i would not do for them. I wish they would tell me what they want, instead of letting me guess for myself. How am i supposed to know what they are thinking? I am not a mind reader. Yet, they think i should "just know", if i really loved them. Well, i don't! So, listen to this woman, and then, TALK to us, TELL us what you want.

I will never figure you out, so please help me, i am only a man.

Thank you, again, Dennis

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