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why not avoid enlarged prostate surgery?
johnlock posted:
why not avoid enlarged prostate surgery?my doctor says my bladder may not spring back after surgery so why surgery?
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
There is truth to that- if you wait too long, then the bladder muscle can become damaged and weakened - but this takes many many years, and is usually obvious because the bladder wall becomes thickened and filled with many outpockets called diverticuli. What you do and need to do depends on how severe is your blockage, your residual urine volume measured after you are done urinating, your general health, and how you responded to more conservative therapies such as alpha blockers like Flomax or Rapaflo, or meds to shrink the prostate like Avodart, or conservative treatments such as microwave, then laser therapies. As this sounds to be elective, I encourage you to seek out second opinions. On the other hand, there are some men that need formal surgery to remove the obstructing tissue and all the conservative approaches above will not be effective.
johnlock replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
thank you so much for your response. I am on tamosulin 0.4 mg daily and finesteride 5 mg daily. I have been checked out with a sonogram at each 3 month visit as retaining 440 ml. of liquid after urinating. I am up 1x each night to urinate. My 1st surgeon was gung ho for surgery(he did very well with my hurry up ssurgery on on my enlarged testicle, but he did not appreciate my many questions about this surgery), and my 2nd surgeon is recommending it. I am trying to find a 3rd, and if he recommends it also, then on to surgery. I just want to get more knowledgeable about this.
Thank you,
Sheldon Marks, MD replied to johnlock's response:
Sounds smart. You are on maximum medications with a substantial retention. Sounds like surgery is coming your way. Ask about minimally invasive techniques such as microwave and such. They are less invasive which is nice but can be less effective than formal TURP or laser TURP. Think you are proceeding intelligently. Good luck.
johnlock replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
thank you again, sir.

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