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PSA score escalation
Patrickbb posted:
I have been on pellet Bio-identicle HRT for approx 2.5 years. My recent PSA blood results received this Friday indicated my PSA has elevated to 4.9 from 1.4 in just 4 months ( I had my annual physical blood in May of this year inclusive of a PSA test). fyi I do plan on getting another PSA test in a week or so and crossing my fingers...

My annual psa scores have ranged form .08 in 1999 to 1.4 in May of 1012 and now the 4.9!

Supplements: I take all the "Top Ten" vitamins as recommended by LEF (Life Extension Foundation ) along with 200 Dimm, Natural Prostate and Enhanced Natural Sleep from LEF.

Has anyone had this experience or something similiar. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations. I'm very concerned about the possible cancer indications and the fact that HRT may no longer be advisable.

I am 54 years old, 6'4" 225. Any replys would be greatly appreciated
sehat1 responded:
Patrick: In my opinion another psa test in a week or so wont change anything as it happened in my case. i had another psa test done in two weeks and it came out to be the same. My advice is to make an appt with a good urologist for your DRE to see if you have a BPH or prostatis. If your uro tells you and I think he/she will to get the biopsy done then it is up to you to either wait for your next psa test or get the biopsy or mri doppler or ultrsound done. i opted to wait for my next psa test. Lots of good information available on the net to read if you google it. Since your case is very similar to mine so I would appreciate it if you keep me posted . Thanks!
Patrickbb replied to sehat1's response:
Just received my PSAF test results: 1.1 free and 10.7 total. This is 2.5 weeks from my 4.9 psa score.

Naturally concerned about the number escalation and percentage ratio... does the total psa of a psaf test equal; the psa score of a traditional psa score.

Would appreciate any thoughts or perspective
sehat1 replied to Patrickbb's response:
Sorry, I am not sure about your test results. Did you ask your urologist? Did your uro check for DRE to rule out BPH or prostatisIs? Lots of info available on net. Good luck!

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