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    Most Embarrassing Body Problems
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff posted:
    WebMD has this great slideshow:

    Embarrassing Male Body Problems

    Which got me wondering what are some of yours? And if they're too embarrassing to you, feel free to respond anonymously. How are you dealing with them? Some of these surprised me. Did any surprise you? At least you know you're not alone.
    Polfsky responded:
    About 7-8 months ago, I started having burping problem. Don't know why. Not only after meals, it's just random. It's about a few times an hour. I would try to be discreet and burp quietly, but it's just nuisance.

    Any remedy for this?
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to Polfsky's response:
    Hi Polfsky,

    Have you changed your diet or how you eat at all?

    Since this is a new symptom for you, it's worth checking out with your doctor just to rule out anything medical going on. In the meantime, check out this WebMD information:

    Gas, Bloating, and Burping

    And, according to the slideshow I linked in my first post here:

    "Burping may not be the picture of politeness in American society, but in some cultures a hearty belch shows appreciation for a good meal. In either case, burping a few times after eating is normal. It's the body's way of freeing the air that you've swallowed. Frequent burping combined with other symptoms, such as nausea or belly pain, could be a sign of a digestive disorder. Check with your doctor if the problem continues."
    dfromspencer responded:
    Hi Caprice

    Well, as you probably know already, i suffer from E.D., and hearing loss. Both myself, and my Dr. believe the cause of my E.D. stems from my neck injury. (Nerve damage) What was most embarrassing, this started in my mid twenties. Now i take Levitra, and it works very well.

    For the bi-lateral hearing loss, i wear hearing aides.

    The rest of me is pretty normal for a fiftysomething male. I could stand to lose a few pounds, i suppose? And keep my toenails trimmed a little better. Thats about it.

    Take care, Dennis
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to dfromspencer's response:
    I'm really glad medications like Levitra came along to help you and others. Life is difficult enough without our sexual lives being negatively impacted by health conditions. Glad it works for you, Dennis.

    Now get to trimming those toenails!

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