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    Botched Prostatectomy surgery?
    MJP514600 posted:
    Without much research I had "nerve sparing prostatectomy " due to a cancerous prostate tumor about 7 years ago. No problems I was told, the surgeon is the Chief of Staff and a professor in this type of surgery in his teaching Hospital. Since surgery I have not being able to have firm erections for sex. We have tried even injections to no avail. Yes I have taken cholesterol reducing medications for years prior to surgery without problems. And I just had a triple cardiac bypass surgery BUT no problems before with erections.

    Surgeon still insists that surgery was needed but he cannot explain the end result.

    Any sugestions or comments? Am I right in thinking this was a failed procedure?

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    Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
    This happens and is seen, and is unavoidable. So yes, your blood vessel disease surely isn't helping at all - with the cholesterol and the heart surgery, as the small vessels that were clogged in your heart are impacted the same as the small vessel that bring blood to the penis. But the nerve sparing prostate surgery, even in the very best of hands, even by the pioneers that developed these techniques, still men can be unable to get erections with medications, oral or injections. For those men the vacuum erection devices are very effective. Sure, it is not as spontaneous or natural, but they do work, they will give you rock hard erections- just with the pump and occlusive ring. Go back and ask about these. You might even see a urologist specializing in sexual dysfunction/ ED. Some men opt for inflatable implants. The biggest complaint I have heard by men that get these implants is why did they wait so long. There are options available. Good luck.
    gringofeliz replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
    Subscribe free to the Walter Reed Military Hospital US Too newsletter "Hudak, Jane L CTR WRNMMC" <> . They have other men counseling on various subjects. Yes, I had the radial prostatectomy in '99 with similar ED but the Maryland Men's Health Clinic, Kevin Hornsby, MD got me up stiff and enduring. Boston Medical Group also. Will have to try Dr. Marks' suggested vacuum pump on which I've seen video.
    Sheldon Marks, MD replied to gringofeliz's response:
    Everybody's different and some men get great results all other men have continued problems. I suggested you seek out true experts in erectile dysfunction who are urologists and especially urologists of had fellowship training in male reproductive medicine and surgery. Watch out for the scam doctors that claimed to be ED experts when it really non urologists who are running a profitable business, Often ordering expensive and unnecessary tests or putting you on Treatments without really putting you through inappropriate workup.
    MJP514600 replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
    Dr. Marks, thank you for your response. YOU ARE absoutely riright even the greatest experts will have problems. I have tried pills, injections and the pump to no avail. I live in a small town in Washington State and the nearest is Portland, OR. Thanks to your advise I will do my research on Urologists that their specialty is the male reproductive system with erectile dysfunction.

    Even thought am 66 years old I feel I still have a few years of "physical enjoyment" left.

    Thanks again for your advices and keep on helping people in need.
    sciencewriter responded:
    I am currently writing a book scheduled for publication in March 2014 by a major publisher. I'm interested in any personal stories regarding prostate cancer treatment-related issues, from physical to psychological side-effects. Confidentiality will be maintained.

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