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Need Dr.'s help with "Prostititis" question.
dfromspencer posted:
Dr. Marks, if an urologist is concerned about the health of my prostate, even without that diagnosis, will he, specifically HE, use both hands to stimulate me to an orgasm? At first, it was just the one hand to stimulate my prostate. After taking so long, he then started using both hands. Two years later, and with no further concerns of Prostititis, he continues to have me come in every three months, for a both hand stimulation And i am very concerned about his "Professionalism", as it seems to me, that he makes advances towards me?

My question is this, does he need to use both hands? Is this normal procedure? In other words, is he being "Professional" about this?

Thank you, for any answers you can give me.
dfromspencer responded:
I feel I should make this clear? This is not my specific problem, rather, it is one from a different poster. He got me concerned for his welfare, so I am asking for him.

Thank you.
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
Prostate massage is an old treatment for congestion of the prostate. I don't know if anyone is still doing that. With that prostate fluid will come out and sometimes men can feel sensation of orgasm, though more often it is not a fun experience. It involves inserting one gloved, lubricated finger up into the rectum to massage the prostate.
There is no reason for a doctor to bring you to orgasm by touching anything else.
If you feel uncomfortable, or he is doing something that does not seem right, then you absolutely should see a different urologist. And after talking to the new urologist about what has been done, and you have concerns, then you should contact your state board of medical examiners.

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