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Torsion without testical pain?
Chris_H posted:
Hi all

Last Saturday night (7 days ago), after a lazy afternoon slouching on the couch, I had a very sudden pain in my groin.

Specifically it was behind my scrotum on the left side, seemingly in the muscle that runs from the base of the penis behind the scrotum. When I flexed this muscle, I'd get a sharp pain in that area. At no point did the testes themselves ache.

A few days of on and off pain, usually worse when sitting, I saw a GP. He gave everything a good poke and ruled out hernia and doesn't believe it's a testical injury as there is no pain or swelling in the testical itself. He did find when he applied pressure to the pelvis right in the crook of my left leg and scrotum, there was sharp pain. He believes it's a muscle strain or sprain, and prescribed pain relief containing Ibuprofen as an anti inflammatory.

I can go whole days with no pain, then wake up with an ache. Often if there is an ache, it will also present into the abdomen on the left side. The pain is never crippling. More a persistent ache that can be uncomfortable.

I have varicocele in that left testical (bag of worms, so to speak) and my leftie has always hung lower than the right. Again, I have no pain, swelling, tenderness or redness in either testical. What I have is a dull ache, something the feeling of heaviness on the left side high up in the area, and occasionally the sensation of a testical trying to descend despite it being well and truly descended. I'd describe that last point as the feeling you have when your testical has risen (say at orgasm) then descends. Just that feeling.

If I press in the crook of my leg and scrotum the pain is clear.

I am happy to trust my GP's diagnosis of it being a muscle injury (despite being on the couch when it happened). My question is can something more serious such as a torsion present the same symptoms with no pain or swelling in the testical itself?

Being 31 and healthy, having kids is something I'm planning in the next few years. Functioning testes would probably help.

Any thoughts appreciated. Doc advised to come back in a week if no improvement.

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