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Embarrassing Body Problems
An_248737 posted:
Hi Guys,2 months ago i started feeling slight pain/fatigue in my right leg after that the pain moved to the thigh then waist. this was followed by frequent urination, feeling of burning a round my genitals and started to feel slight pressure around my waist especially when leaning forward. However i went to the hospital and given antibiotics. They alleviated the problem and now there's no frequent urination though i still feel burning around my genitals (inside penis), pressure or slight pain a round my waist, joints and always feel muscle aches on my back, arms and legs not to forget the temperature of my legs sores high during the night. I also have frequent headaches.
I will appreciate your help
davedsel57 responded:

Sounds like a visit with your primary doctor is in order. He/she may suggest seeing a urologist.

Hope you can get treatment and relief soon.
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