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Large lump on cephalic vein from IV injections
An_248981 posted:
Okay, I am in recovery from opiates recently I decided to make a terrible decision of injecting my medication subutex.

Everything was fine first few months, but now for at least two weeks now I have a large lump on my left arm right below my wrist from injecting into the large vein that runs from my thumb down my arm.. I did this many times before, and always switch spots to let heal, needless to say I have been taking my medication as prescribed since this lump appeared, and wish I never experimented like this... this spot on my arm has been so swollen, and puffy for forever now, usually lumps go away since this is not I am becoming scared.. I have no insurance, and can't afford a visit to a doctor.. if I let my arm rest as I stand so its just along my side, from the blood rushing to it makes the large lump hurt even more, it shows no signs of growth, nor it healing..
it hurts if touched or any pressure is put on it, but the spot is only slightly red, it is swollen so bad, that I attempted to cut it open to drain, to relieve some of the pain.. I sterilized, and tried using a razor to cut it open, but could not get it deep enough, I just made little slices on it, (Plus I was worried of actually slicing open my vein) which I cleaned and been putting neosporn on..

I read online I need to watch for fevers, and I have been feeling feverish, sick feeling some nights.

I have uploaded two pictures online I will link to, I need some advice on what to do, and what this is...
lifeofhell responded:
Here is more images to better show how swollen it is:

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