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nut pains
hernandez111095 posted:
I just turned 17 and i want to know if you can get growing pains in your nuts? but its not like pains its like discomfort
hairyd responded:
See a doctor soon. The only discomfort would be a blue balls experience. Is this after, before or no masturbation?
You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....
maleman responded:
See a doctor.I had a burning sensation in my right one.I had a urinary tract infection that got in my right testical.It caused me to have epididymitis.There is no such thing as blue balls.
jlgetch responded:
Previous poster is WRONG! Blue Balls is a known medical condition (actually termed vasocongestion in the testicles and prostate ). For more information on the condition, see Discovery Health ( ) for a good explanation in layman's terms.
The only known resolution is to have sexual release (intercourse or masturbation to climax/orgasm). Otherwise, avoid all sexual stimulation.

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