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    Includes Expert Content
    Re circumcision at 35.I need advice quickly.
    An_249087 posted:
    I am 35 and I have had IBS all of my life.About seven years ago,my weight exploded.I gained from 162lbs to 220lbs in less than two months.Doctors can't find a reason why.My diet wasn't bad and I was very active.Soon after the weight gain,I started having serious problems with yeast infections around the circumcised area of my penis.Medications and diet doesn't seem to cure it.I'm not a diabetic either.

    When I am flacid,the fat pad that has built up around the base of penis pushes up around the head.It's almost as if my penis retracts into the fat pad.When I have an erection there is no sign of foreskin,none.I am completely smooth from the head back.Two of my doctors have talked about re circumcision.I'm scared of this because my penis has shrank length wise by 3.5 inches since my 20's and before I gained weight.I also lost nearly a half inch in width.My doctors don't seem concerned with it.I am afraid a re circumcision will reduce my length again.I have an appointment after Thanksgiving to have a urologist re circumcise me.I don't think I should under go the procedure.Please help.
    Baddude responded:
    Is this for real?
    johncolts54 responded:
    Since it is after thanksgiving i am guessing you have had the procedure done.
    I did the same thing, symptoms same as mine. had IBS probably 25 yrs then diverticulitis around 48. the past couple yrs i have been getting the rash also, been to the Docs, the specialists, not one has ever mentioned re-circumsized. They gave me ointments that work for awhile. Pretty much figured out on my own the cause. The weight gain and which i can't explain either, but you sweat a lot there and if you master bait more than normal it aggravates it. believe it or not what i use is Diaper rash ointment. Also switched to boxers made with the material that keeps you dry, docs told me about keeping dry.
    As for the weight gain cant explain that either. IBS under control, had the diverticulitis fixed and slowly loosing weight again. If you got re-circumsized i hope you had a couple 2nd opinions prior.
    maleman replied to Baddude's response:
    maleman replied to johncolts54's response:
    No.I finally got to see a urologist with some sense.I am on meds and drastically changing my diet to deal with the on going yeast infections on my penis.I'm getting my heath back on track and getting this weight off and keeping it off.
    Rob_M27 responded:
    No re-circumcision is not necessary. If you have gained weight, it would be normal to have an extra "fat pad" build up around the base of your penis - which by the way would make it appear smaller. Losing the weight should resolve the issue. I don't know what type of urologist you saw but the suggestion of re-circumcism is rediculous. If you had extra skin originating from the corona and covering the glans (head) then that would be a different issue. However regrowth of the foreskin is 99% not possible unless you are deliberatly trying to do it. The yeast issue may be related to either improper hygiene (no offence but some men ignore using soap to due a full clean) or transmission from your partner. Either way, lose the weight and you should see a vast improvement. Also have your physician check your thyroid levels to make sure you do not have hypo-thyroidism.
    otherbrotherdaryl responded:
    Since you are already seeing a urologist, have your blood tested for testosterone levels. I did and found that my level was at 140 which is super low. If your body doesn't make enough "T" the fat goes to the gut. My urologist wants to get my level up to 500 so I get a weekly "T" injection. Stats show that if you lose 35 pounds of weight your penis will gain an inch in lenghth. since my level has been regulated, I have started losing weight (plus I work out 3 days a week at the gym). Get your thyroid checked too. I started taking an iodine suppliment that may have helped with the weight loss. Also magnesium helps restart the fat burning process. I'm no doctor but this is working for me!
    Sheldon Marks, MD replied to otherbrotherdaryl's response:
    There are several points to address here.

    First having more surgery to excise skin because of increased fat pad will probably only be a bad thing. I've seen many men who have this attempted and it leads to serious problems healing, scarring and the penis still remains buried from the extra skin and fat. In my mind the penile issue is not a problem rather than symptom of the extra fat down there and that is what needs to be addressed and treated.

    Second, Most men don't realize that the low testosterone is not the cause of the obesity or rather the symptom of the obesity. As it turns out the fat is in and around the intestines is a very hormonally active organ. This fat converts testosterone to estrogen. This extra estrogen is a fat storage hormone and so you end up with more and more weight especially more fat around the intestines and so more conversion of testosterone to estrogen, and so more fat storage and so on. This becomes a vicious cycle, Taking you in the wrong direction. Adding on testosterone does not solve the problem and can actually make it worse. What you should do is get a battery of blood test to include an estrogen level. Most likely it will be quite elevated and then you go on a medication called aromatase inhibitor and this blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. During this several months. You're on this medication you need to aggressively exercise and watch your calorie intake as with this medication aboard most men have a significant weight loss. Any doctor that recommends testosterone when you have significant abdominal weight and does not talk about estrogen suggested they really don't understand what's going on and are simply throwing testosterone at you without really comprehending the problem and appropriate and healthy treatments.

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