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Unknown rash with blisters/ulcers on scrotum
curmudgeon posted:
I have been working outside a lot, digging and working around the yard. A week ago I noticed a dark area in the shape of a meandering line about 3/4 inch long on my scrotum.
I thought nothing of it as I can't get close enough to see it well.
Within a day or two I developed more of these dark lines which eventually peeled off??? to expose red rashey areas which now include some ulcer looking areas.
I purchased a generic jock itch remedy which appears to helping.
Most of the dark areas are gone and it appears I might be winning the battle but each time I wash the area with an antibacterial soap it gets angry (red and sort of bumpy.
The ulcertive areas seem to get better and disappear only to be followed by another. The total area of infection is 1/2 the size of the palm of my hand. Also, I have one bump (3/16 inch in diameter) on the penis which has a small blister of sorts in the center and is a knot or kernal shape.
I am 65 years old and suffer from ED so I promise I have not been with anyone other than my wife to have gotten a veneral disease.
Should I try more OTC remedies or bite the bullet and call a doctor. I hestiate only because I have no insurance.
davedsel57 responded:
IMHO, you should see a doctor. This does not seem to be improving much so I think you may need medication stronger than OTC and a professional diagnosis.

Good luck.
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