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Question about erectile health
tmlambert13 posted:
Hi I'm a 23 year old male and I have a question about curved penises and whether I should be concerned. Mine curves downward and to the left, but it seems as though the curve comes from two different sources. The leftward curve seems to come from the base of the penis whereas the downward (banana type) curve comes from the shaft itself. I cannot feel any hardened plaque areas on the shaft or around the base so I'm not inclined to believe it's Peyronie's. I am a virgin (as is my girlfriend) so I cannot state as to whether this curve interferes with intercourse. The curve is not severe, however, but becomes noticeable when semi- or fully erect. Thank you for any insight to this [br>[br>Note: I used to wear constricting underwear (briefs) would this effect things?
dfromspencer responded:
Hi, T

Curvature of the penis is no big deal, in most cases. You can work with your partner to find comfortable ways to have sex. I'm not too positive about wearing constrictive underwear as to effecting the curvature of the penis? I think this curvature is from the tendons or lack of tissue in spots?

The best thing you could do, for your own peace of mind, is to go and see your doctor. Tell him/her of your concerns. You will be more secure with their answer than any you might get here.

Good luck!!!


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