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prostate bleeding
GTHAM posted:
Had surgery to shrink prostate size in 09, had heart attack, 10/12 put on blood thinners, two bouts with bladder filling with blood, put on flomax to help stop bleeding. then 10/15 bleeding started again blood and clots, since I have a stint and I'm on plavix my doctor is not ready to do surgery, has anyone ever heard of this, every time I urinate blood then small clots then urine. This is getting very old and it seems that it can't be fixed ?
Thank you

Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
My first worry is to at some point get a cystoscopy to make sure that you don't have a bladder tumor that is a common cause of bleeding. Another common cause is simply blood vessels in and around the prostate they can bleed easily, especially with blood thinners. You want to make sure that at some point they should be working you up to prove that you don't have any upper tract Abnormalities such as kidney or ureteral lesions tumors or stones that could be causing the bleeding. Flomax will simply relax the muscles so they can urinate better and will do nothing for the bleeding. Avodart and Proscar have been shown in the past to actually reduce bleeding from the prostate tissues for men in similar situations and you should talk to your doctor about going on this. In the meantime if you can't have any intervention then the solution is dilution so you should be drinking plenty of fluids to keep the blood from clotting. You're smart to wait until you hit that save time after the stent is placed. Unless the bleeding is life-threatening moving ahead too quickly can result in serious complications and heart issues.
GTHAM replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
Thank you what you say falls in line to what I was told, BUT the
AVODART and PROSCAR I didn't know will bring up to urologist immediately.

Thank you for your time.

G.T. Hammer
jameshodge responded:
Have you had a chance to get a second opinion on that? Seems like a serious condition. I know from reading Super Beta Prostate reviews that it does help to some extent but I hope you find a better solution soon.

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