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daily use of Calias for penis
ontbear posted:
hello.... does anyone use Caslis (dose 5 mg) daily for the purpose to "get" the penile to the penis shrinking inward.
hairyd responded:
onbear, are you putting a ruler against your penis during your erections. Are you going by glancing down or looking as it enters in and out of your female. There will be a small fraction of a decrease with aging.
I would measure my penis. You know each erection can be differant. Your penis maybe harder during some sexual times. Also a calis erection is not the same has a young male normal erection.
I would take the recorded penis measurement to your next doctor's appointment for discussion. There are doctors that do measure the patients penis. He may request you try another ed medication. Keep us posted. Other guys have the same issue.
You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....
ontbear replied to hairyd's response:
HairyD I put this out asking if anyone used the 5mg daily for the sitution. The use is/has not been for an erection. The use hhas given me a penis shaft to get the "drips" after urination. i aam getting older (71), have an enlarged prostate to some degree and would have the drips in my clothes. My health care provider suggested the use of the Calias. I found that the penis elonageted so I could strip the remaining fluid out in a tissure and not in my clothes. When I went back to the doctor, she wrote a script to continue. Yes, it is expensive, but works.
davedsel57 replied to ontbear's response:
I have the same problem you do, ontbear, and was not aware of this solution. I will discuss this with my doctor soon and let you know how my results.

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hairyd replied to ontbear's response:
onbear, sorry I misunderstood your post. To lower the cost have you cut the pill in half. 2.5mg may get your penis a semi hard to your shaft therefore have more penis to work out the fluilds.
Or ask her for 20mg of Cialis and cut the yellow pill in half. 60 days for the price of 30. If you have an erection it's great to also keep your prostate stripped. I have friends in their seventies stilling doing it..... Stay health and strive to be a 100.
You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....
ontbear replied to davedsel57's response:
davedsel57........... Just a note, I have taken the 5mg on an ever other day basis and found that the entended effect was lessened considerably. Went back to daily.
ontbear replied to ontbear's response:
Hi guys....Just an up date. Have been the Cailis for 5 months. It is doing what I wanted to do. I have a penis shaft that is as normal as had years ago. Very satified. ontbear
oldman52 responded:
Is caslis better than Viagra
oldman52 replied to hairyd's response:
Who your doctor? Lol my doctor face turn red when I ask private question. He change subject! I feel stupid
oldman52 replied to ontbear's response:
How long does it stay hard?
afleckjude responded:
You should ask your doctor, before using these types of medicines, because if taken wrongly, they can cause your body with harmful facts. Be ware they can be really dangerous.
oldman52 replied to afleckjude's response:
Thanks. What do you like?

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