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Feeling Generally Unwell, unhealthy for the past 2-3 years
lukeneedshelp posted:
January 8, 2012

Dear WebMD,

I feel unhealthy and generally unwell. My symptoms include ALL of the following:

- Chronic diarrhea for 10+ years, sometimes intermittent constipation
- bad burps, seems like I can't keep food down.
- Slow urination, frequent need to urinate (developed in the past 2 years)
- Sensitive to alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and grease

- Falling/swollen/red eyelid (developed in the past year)
- Can't concentrate on a single point

- Fatigue, lethargy
- Depression
- Concentration problem
- Low energy
- Headaches everyday

- Bad rosacea/eczema/psoriasis
- Extremely dry and very red face, neck, chest, arms (to the point of painful stinging after applying moisturizer)
- Brittle, dry hair, dandruff

- Clicky
- Chronic back pain, easily "pop out" vertebrae
- painful pops in shoulders/hips/legs/elbows while working out

- Excessive back sweat
- Frequently sick (6-10 times a year)
- Always thirsty, even though I drink 10+ glasses of water daily
- Bruise easily
- Red/itchy after cold swimming pools/cold weather
- Terribly dehydrated every morning
- Purple-ish tongue, with dry mouth (making a white-ish layer on top)
- Bad phlegm after meals
- Cold hands
- Hard to breathe through nose sometimes (swollen nostril?)
- Feel like I'm aging too fast (sudden appearance of wrinkles, dropping eyelid, etc.)

The biggest issues I have are my uncontrollable skin condition, my leaky gut(?), my complete lack of energy, depression, and headaches. I need help very badly, I'm only 23 years old and want to be healthy. I feel like I am becoming decrepit and my youth is passing me by.

My GP said it might be a food allergy and quickly got me out of his office by referring me to a gastroenterologist. I don't know what good it will do but I will try anything at this point.



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